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External Drive Recovery Software - Free Download..!

  • Specially designed software to recover deleted, lost, corrupted, and formatted files from external hard drive, pen drive, memory card, USB flash drive, and other mass storage devices
  • Comes in Windows & Mac ediitons separately and is compatible with the latest Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, and their previous versions that recovers over 300+ types of files from any storage device
  • Comes in free demo edition that recovers deleted & lost files and avails a free preview of the recovered files even before activating the complete version of the software

Have you lost or deleted important files from your external drive?

Both the Mac and Windows Recovery editions of this software is been backed by many awards and testimonials; which ensures their data recovery guarantee as well as customer satisfaction. It is also one of the top-recommended tools by industry experts.


External hard disk drives are popularly used as they are extremely easy to handle and store data. Most people use an external HDD to backup valuable data. External HDD comes with small lucrative size and larger memory space capacity which ultimately attracts millions of users. It works on both Windows as well as Mac operating systems. However, with the increased usage of the external hard disk, the removable USB hard drive. At this stage, you need to know the tactics to restore data from an external hard drive. Read on this page to find an accurate way to recover the removable HD drive files.

How to recover external drive on Mac?

Recover External Drive is the ultimate solution to get off deleted or lost files from external drives such as USB HDD, flash drives, SSD drive, memory cards, memory sticks, iPods, etc. Mac users need not worry about their lost data from external drives on Macintosh by employing this user-friendly software. The highly advanced scan engine facilitates the secure restoration of the external drive files without modifying the original file quality or the structure. This app restores data from external hard drive only in a mouse clicks.

This software also serves to be the best solution to recover files from bad external HDD that stops working due to various known/unknown reasons. Recover External Drive program can successfully regain HDD data after accidental deletion, formatting, reformatting, partitioning errors, OS crashes, and other factors. This application is fully compatible with all editions of macOS- High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, and Lion machines.

Also, try the Recover External Drive program for Windows

Recover External Drive for Windows is advanced software to unerase lost data from external drives on PC's running on all major Windows OS. This software supports recovery from RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 partitions that were formatted or deleted. By making use of the external hard disk recovery software, you can even bypass bad sectors as the tool creates the disk image of the files and safely extracts data from it.  You can simply download this application and use it on your Windows PC (running Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and Server editions) to restore external hard disk files upon any complex data loss scenarios.

Scenarios wherein files get deleted/lost from external drives

  • Abrupt removal of the external hard drive from the disk during file transfer
  • Formatting the external drives upon encountering “Format errors” when connected to the computer
  • Unintended deletion of the external HDD files
  • Corruption of the disk file system
  • Formation of the bad sectors on the external HDD
  • Impact of the virus, malware, and other malicious threats
  • Trying to copy multiple files on external drives without realizing free memory available
  • Accidentally formatting the external drive on the computer by using Disk Management/Disk utility
  • Sudden system shutdown/reboot when the files are being copied from external hard drive to your computer or vice-versa
  • Trying to make USB hard drive as a bootable disk without copying its present files to some other storage location

Caution: Once you encounter deletion or loss of files from external drive, immediately stop using it. If the deleted or lost files on externa drive are replaced with new files, then it's not possible to recover those files back. So, do not save any new files on the external drive untill you recover those deleted/lost files back.

Supported external drive manufacturers

  • External Hard Drives: Seagate (FreeAgent, GoFlex, Expansion, Satellite, Replica), Western Digital (My Passport, My Book, Elements), LaCie (Rugged, Porsche, Minimus), Iomega (Prestige, eGo), HP (Pocket Media, SimpleSave), Buffalo (MiniStation, DriveStation), Hitachi (Touro, LifeStudio), Toshiba (Canvio), Apple (Time Capsule), IoSafe, Iomega MiniMax, Silicon Power, Transcend (Storjet), Kingston, Imation, Fujitsu, Quantum, Samsung, and many more.
  • USB Flash Drives: LaCie (iamaKey, CooKey, XtremKey, FastKey), SanDisk (Cruzer, Ultra, Blade), Kingston (DataTraveler, HyperX), Corsair (Voyager, Survivor, Padlock), Transcend (JetFlash), HP, Sony (Micro Vault, Click, Tiny), Sea Tech, Lexar (JumpDrive, Echo), Panda, Centon, Imation (Swivel, Clip, Defender), HDE, Emtec, Patriot, ADATA, Toshiba, Verbatim, T&J, IronKey, Super Talent, Mimoco, etc.
  • Memory Cards: ADATA (Turbo), Canon, Dane-Elec, Duracell, Fujifilm, Garmin, HP, Kingston (Ultimate, Standard, Elite Pro), Lexar (Professional, Platinum, Echo), Olympus, Patriot (LX Series, Signature), PNY (Pro-Elite, Optima), Samsung, SanDisk (Extreme, Ultra, Extreme Pro), Sony (Memory Stick), Transcend, etc.

Simple steps to recover files from external drives

1) Download and install the Recover External Drive software on your system to recover data from external storage device.

2) Connect the external drive to the computer where the software is installed.

3) Open the software and select the Recover Partitions option.

4) Locate the external hard drive for scanning and press on the Scan icon.

Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

5) The software starts to scan the chosen external hard drive as shown in Figure B.

Scanning in Progress

Fig B: Scanning in Progress

6) Verify the scan results under Data View and File Type View panes.

List of Retrieved External Hard Drive Files

Fig C: List of Restored Files from the External Drive

7) Continue to preview the restored external HD files and mark the required data items for saving.

Preview Recovered Data

Fig D: Preview Recovered Files

8) Set a suitable drive destination to save all the files regained from the external hard drive. Then hit on the Save button.

Saving Recovered Data

Fig E: Save the Recovered Data

Note – Deleting files or formatting drives does not mean that data is wiped permanently. The OS removes only the reference pointer to the file items on the hard disk. The data still resides on the drive but space will be marked as free to save new files. However, you should perform the recovery procedure as soon as possible because if you continue to use the drive from which you are looking to recover data then there are chances of overwriting of lost data with new files.

Useful tips to avoid data loss from external drives

  • Create a backup copy of all important data before formatting an external hard drive
  • Do not save the disk image of your hard drive twice to your external hard drive in order to avoid data loss due to overwriting
  • Use an updated anti-virus program always so that you can avoid any kind of interruption during the copying process

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