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Smart Method for Samsung External Hard Disk Data Recovery

Samsung is one of the top companies to manufacture electronic gadgets such as Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops, Televisions, Internal hard drives, External hard drives, and flash memory products. Samsung external hard disks are generally used for taking back up of data. It is handy for transferring files from or to your computer and also provides high data transfer rates. You can easily carry these devices anywhere you want and it can be used with different operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.

Consider a situation wherein you were transferring few files from Samsung external HDD to your computer. Due to power fluctuation, the data transfer process got interrupted. After a while, you turned on your computer to check the data that was being processed during system shutdown. You were surprised as many of the files were missing from Samsung external drive.

Are you the one who is facing data loss incident as given above? If yes, don’t panic. There exists a good recovery tool which I am going to explain later. Now, let’s see few other consequences that can cause data loss or deletion from Samsung external hard disk drive:

Accidental delete: If you mistakenly delete essential files from Samsung HDD, then they will be completely removed from it as Recycle Bin does not hold deleted items of external drives.

Unintentional format: While attempting to format a Windows drive with Samsung portable drive connected with the system, unintentional mouse clicks may cause formatting Samsung external drive. This results in huge loss of data from Samsung external disk drive.

Mishandling of Samsung External HDD: Improper removal of Samsung removable drive from computer may tend to file system corruption. Once file system gets damaged, the hard drive stops responding by throwing error messages leading to inaccessibility of files. A file system of Samsung external hard disk may also get damaged due to harmful virus attacks.

There may be several other reasons to lose files from a Samsung external hard drive. Irrespective of the data loss consequences, you can use a reliable application like External Drive Recovery which has the capability to get back Samsung external hard disk drive.

Remarkable features of External drive recovery utility:

External hard drive recovery tool comes with advanced scanning algorithms which can effectively scan and recover data from Samsung portable hard disk drive in couple of minutes. Sometimes, Samsung or any other brands of external hard disk go bad and stops working by exhibiting unusual noises, error messages, slow data access, etc. A bad external hard disk drive results in loss of data present in it. By using this application you can completely recover files off bad external hard drive. Other than Samsung external HDD, it can restore data from transcend StoreJet hard disk drive, Western Digital external hard drive, Toshiba and other removable hard drives.

This software is capable to get back files from Samsung external hard disk after deletion, reformatting, etc. It can even rescue password protected or highly encrypted files from Samsung external drive. This utility provides a four step restoration process, i.e. scan, recover, preview, save for efficient data recovery from Samsung external hard drive. Moreover, external drive recovery software is recommended and highly rated by industry experts for its efficient performance. It even provides free trial copy of the software, by which you check whether it is capable to retrieve data from Samsung external HDD. If you are satisfied by recovered result then you can purchase the licensed copy of the software. This software is also capable of recovering data from external hard drive without formatting with utmost ease.

Steps to restore data from Samsung External Hard Drive:

1: Connect Smasung extrenal hard drive to your computer. Launch the installed trial version of external drive recovery application on Windows or Mac PC. A Home screen will be displayed with three file recovery options as depicted in Figure 1. Select the "Recover Partitions/Drives"  option. Select "Partition Recovery" option from upcoming window and click on "Next".

Data Recovery from Samsung External Hard Drive - Main Window

Figure 1: Home Screen

2: The application shows the list of drives connected to the computer as depicted in Figure 2. Select the connected Samsung external hard disk drive and click on "Next".

Data Recovery from Samsung External Hard Drive - Choose Drive

Figure 2: Select Samsung External Hard Drive

3: Software starts scanning Samsung external hard drive to locate and rescue deleted or inaccessible files. After completion of scanning, a list of recovered files will be displayed as depicted in Figure 3. If you are satisfied with the retrievd data then buy licensed version to save them on desired location.

Data Recovery from Samsung External Hard Drive - Retrieved Data

Figure 3: Recovered Data from Samsung External HDD

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Snow Leopard (10.6) users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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