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Formatted Iomega External Hard Drive File Recovery

Are you looking to get back files from the formatted Iomega MiniMax external HD drive? Great, you have landed in the right place. Here you will get complete assistance to bring back files from the accidentally formatted Iomega MiniMax external HDD and other portable hard disk drives. Most effective and the easiest approach to retain files from the formatted external hard disk drive is using the data revival software. Recover External Drive is an advanced resurgence application specially designed to unformat data from the external hard drives in an effortless fashion.

What leads to formatting the Iomega MiniMax drive?

Usually, users unknowingly format their external hard drives. Users even mistakenly format the Iomega MiniMax drive connected to the system while in an attempt to format some other drive. In addition to accidental formatting, there are many other factors that lead you to format their external hard drives without taking a backup of stored data. Other reasons include virus infection, files system corruption, external drive crash, bad sectors, software conflicts, format errors, etc.

What happens after formatting the Iomega HDD?

The formatting external hard drive does not erase the stored data permanently. It just removes the index to the file and marks the hard drive space as free to store new data. So, the actual data remains intact until the file gets overwritten with new data. After drive format, the operating system fails to retrieve such data from the external drive without an index file. Even after complete drive formatting, you can reclaim lost data using external HDD recovery software. Well, Recover External Drive software can unformat the Iomega drive data unless the drive is overwritten by new files. Therefore, soon after formatting the MiniMax drive, you should stop using the Iomega HD by adding new files.

Unformat Iomega MiniMax HDD using the Recover External Drive software

The Recover External Drive software is a significant tool to get off data from a formatted Iomega hard disks with ease. This expert-recommended tool is been designed with advanced algorithms and a simple interactive user interface. It serves to be a one-stop solution by retrieving Iomega hard drive data after deletion, formatting/reformatting, corruption, inaccessibility, and other data loss instances. It brings back all your files and folders along with their names and stored folder hierarchy by using their file signatures during the scan process.

Extraordinary features of the Iomega MiniMax hard drive recovery software

Steps to retrieve files from the formatted Iomega MiniMax external HDD

Step 1: Get the Recover External Drive software installed on your PC. Connect the Iomega MiniMax drive to it.

Step 2: Now, open the program and select the Recover Partitions option.

Step 3: Locate the drive from the list of available drives and click on the Scan button.

Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 4: The tool starts to scan the MiniMax hard drive for the formatted drive.

Scanning in Progress

Fig B: Scanning in Progress

Step 5: Review the unformatted drive files under Data View and File Type View layouts.

List of Restored Files

Fig C: List of Restored Files

Step 6: You can preview any of the files in the list just by right-clicking on the file item. Then you can continue to mark the required files/folders for saving.

Preview Recovered Data

Fig D: Preview Recovered Files

Step 7: Finally you need to mention the destination drive location to save the files retrieved from the Iomega MiniMax external hard drive.

Saving Recovered Data

Fig E: Save the Recovered Data

For Leopard (10.5) and

Snow Leopard (10.6) users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite (10.10) Users